About Erasmus and staff


ERASMUS+ is the flagship programme of the European Union in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. It supports the international mobility of individuals, strategic partnerships,  capacity building cooperation schemes  and policy reforms in all levels of education.  In  higher education it is a key factor in the process of internationalisation and a major contribution to help tackle socio-economic changes and challenges.  It enhances partnership with Programme (EU and associated) and Partner (non-EU) Countries.

The University of Miskolc has been taking part in the programme since 1998, primarily in Key Action 1 (the mobility of students and staff). Hundreds of participants have benefited from the advantages of the programme and some 220 inter-institutional agreements, with the number is constantly on the rise,  have been concluded so far to provide a wide  scale of opportunities for those who decided to be part of this excellent international experience.

A new programme cycle starts in 2021, keeping all achievements of the previous phases, but also bringing new ideas and objectives, like digitalisation, green Erasmus, inclusion of all people with disabilities or disadvantaged background, automatic recognition of credits obtained abroad and strengthening civic awareness.

The programme is managed  by the colleagues of the International Office, in close cooperation with the institutional Erasmus+ coordinator and the faculty coordinators.  It is our mission to support domestic and international students and staff in all possible way, and to give them the services they need to succeed in their international endeavours.


Ms.Krisztina Sándor, International Director, Institutional Erasmus+ 107  Coordinator


Mrs.Dóra Diána Andráskó,  Institutional Erasmus+  103  Coordinator


Ms.Edit  Szőke,  Erasmus+ KA103 Officer


Ms.Henriett Tóth, Erasmus+ KA107 Assistant

Ms.Ágnes  Magyar, Erasmus+ KA103 Assistant