The mission of the University of Miskolc, put briefly, is to educate our students well, contribute to the international research community, be involved in and support our region, and foster a supportive and inclusive university community. 

We aim to contribute to the progress of science and society through interdisciplinary study programmes and multifaceted research and development projects. Building on the collaboration among teachers, staff, students, and our partners in Hungary and beyond its borders, we aim to promote economic growth in the region, drawing on our role as a centre for innovation, R&D and knowledge transfer in northeast Hungary. We intend to maintain and expand our ties with companies, local governments and community organisations for our mutual success, and to participate in national and international projects. Through such involvement, we are able to adjust our training to meet the needs of the labour market, of the region and of our students, from Hungary and around the world. 

To meet these objectives, we offer degree courses at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels – with a growing number offered in English – along with other opportunities for continued education, including post-graduate courses, distance education and life-long learning, in the areas of earth science, economics, education, engineering, health care, humanities, legal studies, materials science, music, natural sciences and social sciences.