You have to apply for a student  VISA in your home country as soon as possible - nothing can be done once you are in Hungary. (EU citizens need no VISA.) When applying for a VISA you need the following documents issued by the University:



State scholarship holder degree students

Fee-paying degree students

Exchange (ERASMUS) students outside EU

Letter of Acceptance by UM




Final Letter of Admission by UM




Letter of Award by TPF




Please consult the Embassy/ Consulate for details.


Letter of Acceptance / Final Letter of Admission

It is issued by the University of Miskolc and sent to you via e-mail or can be downloaded from the DreamApply platform. It confirms that you are accepted to study at the University of Miskolc as well as states that you are accommodated in one of the Student Hostels of the University of Miskolc (on campus). Should you not have this document, please let us know ASAP.


Letter of Award 

It can be downloaded from the DreamApply platform. The document confirms that you are a scholarship holder and lists the allowances you are entitled to.