1735 - The predecessor of Miskolc University was the school of mining and metallurgy (Bergschule) established in Selmecbánya (today: Banská Štiavnica, situated in Slovakia).

It was the world’s first higher education institution dealing with these fields  (in Freiberg (Germany) courses were launched in 1765, in Berlin (Germany) in 1770, and in St Petersburg (Russia) in 1773).

1762 - Maria Theresia gave the school academy status (Bergakademie).

1846 - Foresters were also trained in the institution .


1920 - The Academy of Selmec had to move to the Austrian border city, Sopron when Selmec became part of the then Czechoslovakia.

1949 - The Hungarian National  Assembly ordered that a university of heavy industry should be established in Miskolc - it was the Nehézipari Műszaki Egyetem (Technical University for Heavy Industry).

Later the technical faculties (the current Faculties of Earth Science and Engineering, of Materials Science and Engineering and of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics) were expanded with other faculties offering programmes in social sciences.

1981 - Law courses were launched.

1983 - The Faculty of Law was established.

1990 - The name of the university was changed to Miskolci Egyetem (University of Miskolc) and at the same time the Faculty of Economics was established.

1997 - The Institute of Arts became a faculty, while the Miskolc department of Liszt Ferenc College of Music was integrated into the university as its Bartók Béla Institute of Music.

2001 - The first bachelor programme of the Institute of Healthcare Studies was launched.

2005 - The Institute of Healthcare received a faculty status and it became the seventh faculty of the University of Miskolc, the Faculty of Healthcare.

2014 - The Salamander (the traditional torchlight procession of the graduating students, originating from Selmecbánya) was declared  to be part of the intangible cultural world heritage by the UNESCO.

2021 - The 2021 QS University Ranking placed the University of Miskolc in the 450-500 group of the global list in the subcategory of 'Engineering – Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing'.