The University of Miskolc welcomes all staff of partner universities for teaching or training staff mobility. If you want to take part in mobility and you have been selected by your home institution, you can take the steps to implement the assignement. Let the type of mobility be  either teaching or training, the first thing you need is an acceptance confirmation from a department or non-academic organisational unit or the International Office.
Depending on how familiar you are with the Univ of Miskolc, or whether you already have any personal or professional relationship with a staff member, you can start the acceptance procedure by contacting



the teaching staff member you know

the teaching staff or non-academic staff member you know

the coordinator of the faculty which your scientific field belongs to

the coordinator of the host faculty
the head of unit which coincide with your professional field of work

the International Office

the International Office

If you start the arrangements by contacting the International Office first, please send a short description of your teaching or work profile at your home institution, so that the IRO could find the most appropriate department/unit for your reception.
As soon as you have positive confirmation from any department/unit, you will get a Letter of Acceptance issued by either the host department/unit or the IRO. With this LoA, you can start the necessary arrangements and contracting with your home institution.



the host department is responsible for arranging your courses and professional programme

the host unit is responsible for arranging your professional programme
the International Office will make up your programme if several host units are involved

You will need to fill in a Mobility Agreement for Teaching or Training  (downloadable from our website). After negotiating your programme with the host department/unit/IRO, please send it to



the host department

the host unit or   the International Office


At the end of your mobility, you will get a CONFIRMATION of the teaching/training period.  It will be issued by the host department/unit or the International Office.  We can also use the confirmation form of your university if you wish so and if you bring it with you. If anything else is needed, please inform us afterf your arrival to our university.




Mechanical Eng and Informatics:
Dr.  Péter Bencs  (students)
Prof. Gabriella Bognár Vadász

Economics:  Dóra Diána Andráskó  (students)
Dr. Andrea Gubik Sáfrány  (staff)

Earth Science and Eng: Dr. Ferenc Mádai (Mr)

Materials Science and Eng:  Dr. Béla Török (Mr)

Viktória Láng  (incoming students)
Dr.Renáta Kriston (outgoing students and staff  IN-OUT)

Law:  Dr. Zoltán Varga (Mr)

Health Science:  Dr. Tamás Tompa
Nóra Simon,   (students)

Bartók Béla Music School: 
Dr. Balázs Réti  (Mr)    (students)
Dr. Sándor Papp (Mr)   or  (staff)



International Office:

Ms.Krisztina SZŐKE, Erasmus Institutional Coordinator

Ms. Ágnes MAGYAR, Erasmus Officer