Application and admission


When is the application period?

Application deadlines are different in every academic year. For more information, visit the website of your chosen study programme.


How can I submit my application?

You must submit your application to the University of Miskolc online. You can access the application interface at the following link: You can also start your application on the website of the University of Miskolc by clicking on the "Apply Now" button on the page of the study programme of your choice.


Why is it necessary to give my mother's name when applying?

The mother's name is an important piece of personal information in Hungary, which is used for personal identification. The mother's name is required when handling official matters, applying for a residence permit or opening a bank account, etc...


What documents must be uploaded during the application? 

The following documents must be uploaded when applying:

- Curriculum Vitae (CV) (Europass format)

- Motivation letter (written in 3000-3500 characters)

- Certified and translated copy of bachelor/master degree and transcripts

- Official copy of the language examination certificate (minimum level: B2) OR an official document, issued by the previous university, confirming that the language of instruction was English

- Mandatory medical certificate template, with compulsory attachments

- Copy of valid passport / national ID

- Proof of payment of 150 EUR application fee

If you are applying for a doctoral program, you will also need to upload additional documents:

- Two Letters of Recommendation from former or current supervisors, recognized experts or professors of the field

- Research plan (minimum 3 pages)

- List of publications (if available)

IMPORTANT: All documents must be submitted in English language or with official translation. The original hard copy of bachelor/master degree(s), of transcripts and of language examination certificate must be shown after your arrival. It is not possible to enroll at the university without presenting the original documents!

No provisional degree is accepted! 


How can I know if I am eligible to apply for a study programme? 

A description of all our study programmes can be found on the website of the University of Miskolc. In all cases, the admission conditions and expectations are displayed on the pages of the study programmes. You can find them using the following links:

Undergraduate programs:

Graduate programs: 

Doctoral programs: 

English Foundation Programme:


I missed the application period. Can I apply later?

All applications must be submitted before the end of the application period. At the end of the application period, the application system closes, after which we will not be able to accept new applications or modify previous applications. If you miss the deadline with your application, you can only apply for the next academic year.

We have study programmes that also start in the spring semester. If you choose such a programme, you can submit your application during the autumn/winter application period.


What happens during the entrance exam? 

In case of eligibility, applicants are invited to take an online oral entrance examination whereby professional knowledge and skills as well as command of English are tested by the examination board.

You can find specific information about the requirements of the study programmes and the entrance exam on the website of your chosen programme.

Undergraduate programs: 

Graduate programs: 

Doctoral programs: 

English Foundation Programme:


I am planning to apply for a study programme, but I do not have an IELTS/TOEFL English certificate. What should I do?

The University of Miskolc accepts official documents, signed and sealed by the university which issued the applicant's degree, stating that the language of instruction was English and the studies were completed in English. The university accepts not only IELTS/TOEFL certificates, but also equivalent ones.


Am I going to receive any supporting letters from the university which I can use for applying for a VISA?

You will need only one document for your VISA application from the Hungarian side. This is your Final Letter of Acceptance, which you will receive when you are admitted and have paid the tuition fee for your first semester.


What is the difference between the Conditional Letter of Admission and the Final Letter of Acceptance?

The Conditional Letter is a conditional admission decision, in which we inform the students that they have passed the entrance exam and have been admitted to the programme of their choice. This document contains information and payment deadlines related to tuition and accommodation fees.

The Final Letter of Acceptance will be issued after the tuition and accommodation fees have been paid. This document is the official admission decision, in which the university certifies that the student has paid the tuition and accommodation fees. This document also serves as a letter of acceptance, which must be attached to the visa application.