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Opinion about the University - by various international students
Have you ever wondered how hard it is to get used to a whole new culture? And in average: what foreign students say about their experiences here in Hungary? Then read this article and meet our international students.

Interview with Zaher Akkad
After finishing his master studies, Zaher started his PhD course, he is an International Student Ambassador, mentor, a real social person of the University of Miskolc - read an interview with him by clicking above.

Interview with Ahmed Bouzid 
Ahmed is a former PhD student, who is now a lecturer at the University. Read about his story with the University of Miskolc and also about his love for music.

Article - Alina Girnet
Alina started her MA studies at the Faculty of Arts in 2017 and she had an important role in the social life of international students, wrote articles, took beautiful pictures of the University and so on. This article was published in the magazine of the University.

Interview with Ayse Günaltay
Ayse came to Miskolc in 2014 as an Erasmus student. She then also spent her Erasmus traineeship at our university, and now is looking to start her MBA studies in Miskolc.

Interview with Moudiyath Assani
Moudiyath spent the spring semester of the 2014/15 academic year as an Erasmus student at the Faculty of Economics, University of Miskolc.

ESN Farewell Party - May 15, 2015