Registration and start of studies


I am accepted by the University of Miskolc. What should I do to start my studies?

Step 1.: As soon as you have paid the tuition fee for your first semester, you will receive the FINAL LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE, issued by the University of Miskolc. It confirms that you are accepted to study as a full-time/part-time student of the University of Miskolc and that you are accommodated in the UNI-Hotel on the campus of the University of Miskolc (if you have paid the accommodation fee).

Step 2.: When you receive your FINAL LETTER OF Acceptance, you have to apply for a Hungarian VISA in your home country. For this process you need several other documents as well – the list of these varies from country to country. For more information, visit the website of your home country's Hungarian embassy.

Step 3.: You have to arrive at the University of Miskolc by the first week of the semester, during the so-called registration week. You need to register in person at the dormitory, the International Relations Office and your university faculty. You will be assigned to an international mentor who will help you move into the dormitory and get to know the campus.


What is the last date to arrive and register at the university?

The last possible date of arrival and registration at the university is different in each academic year, but usually it is the end of September of the given year. The university cannot accept new students after the specified date.


I won't get my visa in time. What can I do?

If you feel that you cannot manage your official affairs in time, which are necessary for entry to Hungary and university registration, we recommend that you consider postponing the start of your studies.

If you decide to postpone your studies, contact your faculty or the International Relations Office.

(Please note that the University of Miskolc, as an educational institution, cannot affect the work of state organizations such as embassies or consulates. It is the responsibility of each student to take care of their official affairs in a timely manner.)


What documents do I need to bring to the registration?

All documents you uploaded during your application. Please bring the original copy and the official English translation with you.

IMPORTANT: Presentation of the original degree is mandatory for personal enrollment. Without the original document, you cannot enroll at the university!


What is the NEPTUN system?

Neptun is the electronic study system of the University of Miskolc, which is used by almost all universities in the country. Its task is to keep up-to-date records of student studies. Furthermore, it not only records courses and exam results, but also provides assistance in academic administration, such as handling and submitting applications and teaching.


What is the NEPTUN code?

The Neptun code is a six-digit unique identifier consisting of letters and numbers, which identifies you in the study system of the University of Miskolc, and in all universities in the country that use Neptun. You will receive your NEPTUN code after personal enrollment at the university.