Dorm life: 



Accommodation is reserved for all international students studying at master level in Student Hostel E/4, E/6 and in Uni-Hotel for those studying for a doctoral degree, located in the campus of the University of Miskolc.

Please inform the relevant DIR officer if you do not wish to stay in the hostels of the University - an e-mail with the details shall be sent to you prior to your arrival in Miskolc.


  • Name of student hostels:     Bolyai Hostel E/4, E/6, Uni-Hotel
  • Address of student hostels:     Hungary-3515, Miskolc-Egyetemváros


Responsible staff in student hostels




Contact details

Bolyai student hostels

Mr. László SULÁK



Bolyai student hostels

Mr. Attila KÓNYA

deputy-director, responsible for all student affairs

Office:  Hostel E/2 ground floor, room 8.


Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9.00-11.00, 13:00-14:00

Friday 9:00 – 11:00; Tuesday: no office hours

Bolyai student hostels

Ms. Nikolett GÖRCSÖS

student hostel caretaker for Hostel E/6

Office: Hostel E/6 ground floor, room 3.




assistant, student advisor

Office: Uni-Hotel, ground floor



Mentor students are appointed to help you in every student hostel.


Accommodation fee

Erasmus and fee-paying students: 34000 HUF/month/person – to be paid until the 10th  of each month at the post office. The caretaker of the hostel will give you the payment statement at the beginning (first week) of each month. 

Scholarship holder students: The accommodation fee of SH and SCY scholars is transferred to the Student Hostel directly by the University of Miskolc. No payment on your part is needed.


Administrative issues

On arrival, after checking in you shall sign the accommodation contract. As a general rule the contract is valid from the date you sign it till 30 June 2023. The sample of the contract is available at the website of the University of Miskolc. Please READ the CONTRACT carefully!


Changing rooms

Applications for changing rooms must be submitted to the Central Accommodation Office of Bolyai Student Hostels (Room 15, ground floor of Student Hostel E/2). The Form is provided by the Central Accommodation Office.


Checking out

Before moving out of the Hostel, you must have a Student Hostel Checkout Sheet signed by the caretaker of the given student hostel. This is a prerequisite of any official documents (transcript etc.) to be issued by the Dean’s Office.


Termination of the contract

Please note that termination is possible only at the end of each semester, according to the Accommodation termination form (available in the student hostel / UNI-Hotel).


Description of the accommodation facilities

Bolyai Hostel E/6


double/triple room

2x2 apartments, each with own kitchen

shared kitchen, bathroom and toilet in the corridor

shared bathroom and toilet

equipment in kitchen: gas cooker, microwave oven, basic kitchenware

basic equipment in the kitchen in each apartment is provided

rooms are equipped with bed sheets, pillowcase and duvet covers (but you have to bring or buy your own towels) which are changed by the laundry service every second week

bed sheets, pillowcase, duvet covers and towels are provided and cleaned by the laundry service every week, on Wednesday

Things you will need and are not available

basic kitchenware and cutlery


toilet paper

washing powder, washing-up liquid

extra kitchenware,

toilet paper,

washing powder, washing-up liquid


Basic rules in E/6 and Uni-Hotel

The hostel has a multicultural community with various habits and lifestyles. Tolerance is a key factor for the residing students. While we encourage socialising and making new friends, there is one universal rule in the hostel, that every student must keel: as a general rule, after 10 pm in the study period and throughout the exam period students must create a quite environment, without any disturbances.



Student hostels offer safe accommodation with their 24/7 security and caretaker service (face control at the entrance). Should you arrive late at night or early in the morning you can still occupy your room immediately.


Fire safety

In Hungary, smoking is prohibited by the law in public buildings and in the surroundings as well!

Smoking and using Hookah/Narghile is strictly forbidden in the building. Doing so has serious legal and administrative consequences. There are designated areas for smoking next to the entrances.

Do not put any hot objects on the floor, on the table or on top of the fridge.

Electric kitchenware such as, ricecookers, kettles, microwave ovens must not be used in the bedroom.


Checking the rooms

Periodically, the hostel management keeps a prescheduled room-check. Students are informed about the room-check well in advance.


Having a guest

You can invite guests to your room provided that they are registered by the doorman beforehand and that you have the permission of the deputy-director. Please be prepared that certain extra fee is to be paid for your guest. The Guest Registration Form is available at the Student Hostel. (If there is a vacant bed in the room and the other roommates assent to it in advance, then you get the permission. Without a permission, every guest (who lives in another hostel or outside) must leave the building until 11:00 o’clock p.m.)



There is a laundry room on each floor, you can use the washing machines free of charge, but you have to buy your own washing powder and washing liquid.



We kindly ask you to keep a healthy standard of cleanliness in your block.

Please pay extra attention to the followings:

  • Take out the trash on a daily basis
  • Keep the sink clean. It can easily get clogged if you flush food down on it. Its sole purpose is to wash your dishes in it.
  • Keep the kitchen and the toilet clean!
  • Use the shower curtain. If too much water gets out it can easily go dripping down from the ceiling on the floor below. Also, too much water on the floor causes limescale.


Damage report

Each and every student is responsible for the condition of their room and for the furniture in it (has to pay the repair costs if needed). If damage occurs you shall report it immediately at the Reception.

Small accidents happen from time to time. It is important to report the damage immediately so the maintenance unit of the Hostels could fix the problem as quick as possible. Most frequent problems: clogged shower drains, kitchen sinks, burned out light bulbs, broken furniture.


Documents related to the student dormitory
Declaration of termination of accommodation
Student hostel info leaflet
Student hostel contracts:
Health and Safety Instructions
Fire Protection Instructions
To search for an apartment you may need the help of your mentor student. The monthly rental price of a two-room apartment might cost between 80.000 to 120.000 HUF (220-320 EUR). The price might be affected by the surroundings, the distance from the University or the city centre. It is important to know that utility bills and the property management fee are not included in the rental fee.