Personal h-index

The charts below show the personal h-index of the current employees of the University of Miskolc who have a personal profile at Google Scholar and mention the University of Miskolc as at least one of their employers (in other words, we are not proud of those who are not proud of us). Further specifications: i). the h-index is given as shown in Web of Science Advanced Search at the end of the year 2018, ii). only those colleagues are shown who have an h-index of at least 5.


The names are shown in the figures below in three different magnifications of the graphs, showing the h-index as function of half of the square root of independent citations. As follows from the first graph (which gives an overview of all data), this correlation (mentioned first by Hirsch in 2005) works reasonably well, especially for points with large number of citation and high h-index.




Responsible for the data: Dr. Peter Sasvari and Dr. George Kaptay