Health care and insurance


Do I need a medical certificate to apply?

Yes. A medical certificate must be uploaded during the application process. You can download the official medical certificate template from the following link:


Do I get health insurance?

Students who study with a Stipendium Hungaricum or Scholarship for Christian Young People scholarship programme automatically receive insurance and a TAJ card.

ERASMUS and AMIR/TIMREX students must take out insurance in their own country for the entire duration of their stay in Hungary. Self-funded students are also responsible for their own insurance.

If it is not possible to take out insurance in your own country, we recommend that you take out travel insurance that covers you for at least 1-2 weeks after your arrival in Hungary. During your registration at the university, we can offer you some local insurance options, which you can arrange in Hungary. 


Where can I go if I have a health problem?

There is a doctor's office and a dentist in dormitory E/4.

In an emergency, the following life-saving numbers must be called:

• Ambulances: 104.

• Fire department: 105.

• Police: 107.

• European general emergency number: 112.