The very first events of the semester were held lately: Orientation & Freshmen’s Days!


Firstly, in the framework of the Orientation Day, the international students of the University of Miskolc got all the necessary information about the beginning of the academic year, their faculties and the related organizations and offices of the university through informative lectures.

1 min UM: Open days on the campus – Holiday Concert – Charity run


Exciting programs, spectacular presentations and special learning opportunities awaited the visitors of the University of Miskolc on its Open Days. | The Bartók Béla Bartók Music Faculty of the University of Miskolc gave an Advent concert at the Zenepalota. | Santa Claus himself ran the 2,000 m race at the University of Miskolc.

1 min UM: Building a career at Bosch – Donation campaign – Maps from the past


The Robert Bosch Power Tool Ltd. and the University of Miskolc continue to strengthen their training cooperation. | The University of Miskolc will be collecting for the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Reformed Mothers' Home until 17 December. | An exhibition of maps from the collection of the 150-year-old Hungarian Geographical Society opened at the University of Miskolc.

Responsibility for Hungarian higher education beyond the borders


The University of Miskolc and the Partium Christian University of Oradea have extended their cooperation agreement. The partnership agreement signed with the Faculty of Health of the University of Miskolc on 14 November 2023 aims to further deepen the educational, scientific and professional relations between the institutions, and to promote the mobility of teachers, researchers and students.



Workshop on welded structures with lecturers from five continents


Student Opinion on Teaching


We would like to inform you that the Student Opinion on Teaching (OMHV) questionnaires are expected to be available between 4 March and 10 April 2024. The range of lecturers and subjects or courses to be included in the evaluation has been defined by the Faculties in their sampling plans.

Reopen the university post office


We would like to inform you that within the framework of the partnership agreement between the University of Miskolc and the Hungarian Postal Service, a postal service point opens in the basement of building E/7 on 6th March 2024. 03. 04.

Lantern Festival 2024 – Year of the Dragon


Fragon Dance, Chinese folk music, origami, Kung-fu and Thai-chi, Chinese tea and food – Lantern Festival at the Miskolc Music Palace, 25th of February, 3:00 PM.

Free sports activities


In the second semester of 2023/2024, we offer free sports activities for all university citizens! The Sports Afternoons are FREE and open forall university citizens. From Monday to Thursday, according to the timetable, we offer a variety of sports training sessions. The sports afternoons are held in the Sport Hall Gallery , E/4 and the running corridor of the Athletics track. The Sports Afternoons are not only available for students all Instructors and Coworkers are welcomed!

"Windows and bridges to the world" - 10 years of the Confucius Institute of the University of Miskolc


The Confucius Institute celebrated a decade of its existence in the Music Palace.

New schedule for the University from 14 October


From the 14th of October schedule improvements were implemented on routes connected to the University.

Our colleague received the Grand Prize for Economics


Our colleague, Edit Gabriella Lukács, who was also awarded the Outstanding Economist Prize 15 years ago, recently received the Grand Prize of the Hungarian Economic Association.


“Climate Change: distinguishing critical from sceptical...

02/21/24, 10:00

Famously, the debate on climate change is divided between so-called 'believers' and 'sceptics'. In this lecture Dr Calum T.M. Nicholson...

Santa Party

12/05/23, 00:00

Quiz Night

11/16/23, 00:00

Freshmen's Ball

11/10/23, 00:00

University of Miskolc

Halloween Party

10/26/23, 00:00

University of Miskolc

Welcome Day

10/10/23, 14:00

University of Miskolc

This event is a great opportunity for you to get informed about the different scholarship opportunities and the Hungarian and...

Researchers' Night

09/29/23, 17:00

University of Miskolc

The University of Miskolc organizes the usual Researchers' Night, which is an exciting world of science with more than 130 programs.

International Dinner - 2023

09/26/23, 19:30

University of Miskolc

One of your favourite events of the semester is coming: International Dinner!

Trip to Lillafüred

09/23/23, 00:00

Miskolc, Lillafüred

Are you ready to discover one of the main attractions of Miskolc? Let's go to Lillafüred together!

Halloween Party - 25.10.

10/25/22, 18:00

We are glad to inform you all, that we organize a party for Halloween at 6 pm next Tuesday (25th of October) in Rockwell Club.

history of the university

The predecessor of the University of Miskolc was the school of mining and metallurgy (Bergschule) established by Charles III in Selmecbánya in 1735, which was the world’s first higher education institution giving instruction in these fields (in Freiberg, courses were launched in 1765, in Berlin in 1770, and in St Petersburg in 1773). In 1762, Maria Theresia gave the school academy status (Bergakademie). From 1846, foresters were also trained in the institution. Later, the Selmec school served as a model for the establishment of European technical colleges. In 1794, Paris Technical University organised its laboratory trainings on the basis of the Selmec system. The world’s first international technical society, in which 14 countries were represented, was founded with the contribution of Selmec professors in Szklenó, not far from Selmecbánya. Between 1848 and 1850, instruction was suspended because during the Hungarian war of independence, the students enlisted in Kossuth’s army. Next